Pictures taken of the Cheyenne School project.
The Fly'N Wolverines were asked to support their March reading month theme, "100 years of flight".
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My grandaughter, Cheyenne, welcomes us to Cheyenne Elementary School Just past the entrance, you see the model planes in the front hall A large display describes each plane above First is Les Brown's Scale Bell 222 The first two planes, Taube & Stearman Planes 3 & 4, Classic Rendition & Goshawk Planes 5 & 6, Cub L4 & Skylane The Concept 30 SRX Planes 8 & 9, Ultimate & Sukhoi Planes 10 & 11, Extra 300 & Kadet Planes 12 & 13, A-10 & F-18 All the planes are numbered by this chart T-33 Shooting Star hangs in the Library All the planes, looking South Display Case 1 Right Side of Case 1 Display Case 2 Middle of case 2 Lower Middle of Case 2 Right End of Case 2 Hanging Planes at Cheyenne School