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The first FPV was a Kadet with a TV transmitter and a still camera that took this shot. FPV #1 also took this of Stoney Creek, from the bottom of the plane. FPV 2 is a Cub J3, and a camera was mounted under the left wing. These pix were taken before the maiden flight, the camera was not mounted yet. This is the camera, mounted under the left wing, the antenna sticks down behind it.
FPV 1 FairHaven FPV Stoney Pix FPV 2 Cub J3 FPV 2 Cub Camera under wing
The camera could turn at any angle, even could look in the cabin at the fuel level in the tank! The pilot has a small TV on a tripod with a hood to block the sun. Another person is needed to aim the high gain antenna, seen above the back of the van... And one lucky guy to play with the camera and watch the world from above - Josh. You can see another 1/4 scale cub I am about to chase way below the nose of this one.  
Camera pans and tilts Ground Crew Jr Member-Josh Cub chases Cub  

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